About Me

I was admitted to the practice of law in 1965 and have been a general practitioner ever since. I believe in the concept that one should have a family lawyer that knows you and your family and can assist you in any legal matter. Over the years, I have had periods of time when my practice was substantially devoted to civil litigation, real estate development, land use and municipal law. Throughout those periods I have always handled all types of everyday legal situations such as traffic tickets, DWI's, petty crimes, divorces, family court matters, real estate closing, debt resolution, collection and bankruptcy proceedings, general business organization and operations, personal injury claims, draft wills and estate proceedings. You name it and I have probably done it many times. If I can't do it or don't want to do it, I know who to refer you to who will do it for you.

My License to practice law says I am an Attorney and Counsellor at Law. That means I know the law and can apply it for you to your situation. Most importantly I am a counsellor and can advise you on any matter where the law is applicable and can guide you to comply with the law and also how to avoid legal problems. I view my over 50 years' experience and my ability to counsel you as a great asset.

I was recognized by my colleagues at the age of 42 years as an "A" rated attorney which rating I continue to have to this day. There are no certified specialists under New York Law. The only way an attorney is rated is by one's peers not by commercial entities such as "Super Lawyer", "Distinguished Lawyer" etc. which are not recognized by the New York Court Licensing authorities as accrediting agencies. All one needs to do to receive such designation, is talk to one of their salesman and pay their fee and you receive their designation- it means nothing, but how are you to know? Just ask a good lawyer.

At my law firm you will not be seen by an associate. I will personally handle your matter. If I do not have the time for you I will refer you to another outside capable lawyer. My relationship with my clients is special and personal. It must be based upon confidence and trust. If it does not feel right, it should not be, and I will not represent you. I look forward to your call and am available to serve you.